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Why should I use a recruiter?  The internet has thousands of job openings. 

When you use a recruiter you can be sure your résumé will get into the hands of the right person.  Recruiters only search for candidates when they have a specific job order.  They also follow up with phone calls to make sure the hiring person sees you résumé and to see if there are any other questions.  When you submit your résumé to answer a job posting on the internet so have hundreds of other “qualified” candidates.  Your résumé could easily get lost in the shuffle 

When I change jobs how much of a raise in salary can I expect? 

Typically you can expect to make 5% to 10% more when you move to another company.  However, current economic conditions may lower that figure somewhat.  

Do companies still pay relocation costs? 

For most upper level positions they do.  However, it does vary from one company to another.  Some will pay moving costs up to a certain dollar amount.  Others are a little more generous.  Again, because of current economic conditions companies are not as generous as before. 

If I have received a severance from my former company how long can I “relax” before I get serious about searching for a job again? 

The time to get serious is immediately after you lose your job.  While you may feel like you earned a little “R&R” there are other people out there looking for the same job that you will want in three months.  Timing is crucial in a job search.  You never know when that special job will come along so you must actively search from day one of your unemployment. 

Should I join networking groups? 

Yes.  When you are unemployed you are still working.  Your new job is looking for a job.  It is a 274/7 job with no pay or benefits.  You must take every step possible to get back to work.  You will now become a salesperson with “YOU” as the product.  The more people that know you are looking and the more people you can talk to the better.  

What if I get an offer to interview with a company I’m not sure about? Should I go ahead with the interview when I know I wouldn’t work for them if they offered me a job? 

Yes, for a couple of reasons.  You may find out they are not what you expected.  You will get practice interviewing.  It may have been a while since you interviewed.  Times change. Questions change. It will be good practice.  

Who do you recruit for? 

We recruit for major players in the industry plus individual hotels.  Our clients sometimes ask us to do confidential searches so we don’t publicize there names on our website.  

What positions do you recruit for? 

We recruit all levels of positions in the hotel industry.  We have placed senior VP’s and Executive Steward’s and everything in between. 

Would I have to worry that you or your clients would allow my name to surface that I was looking for a position and jeopardize my job with my current employer? 


No.  We all understand the need for confidentiality.  Our reputation as well as how our clients are regarded would be seriously compromised.

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